Lee Ann & Paul’s website


A Little Bit About Us

We’ve been together for over 7 years. We met in 1999 when we were both living in the University Cabanas in Memphis, Tennessee. We were introduced by mutual friends (who are no longer together, of course) and have been together ever since.

A couple of years after we started dating, we moved away from Memphis, but we moved in opposite directions. I guess the long-distance relationship made our hearts grow fonder, because after 1 year Paul took a job in Houston and proposed to Lee Ann. A year later we were married and living in Houston.

Since we’ve been in Houston we’ve been enjoying the year-round warm weather by rowing, sailing, and playing softball. We go to Galveston and walk on the beach and visit the shops. A ferry ride also offers glimpses of dolphins as they swim alongside. We’ve become big Houston sports fans and like to go see the Astros, Rockets, and Texans play.

Houston also has a good theater and restaurant district. We frequently see the Broadway shows when they come through as well as local plays and opera.

We bought our first house outside Houston and now we spend a lot of our spare time working in the yard and maintaining our new home.

Not quite 5 years after moving to Houston we had our first child, our daughter Anna Franklin. She’s a bundle of energy and occupies most of our time.

We’ve redesigned the webpage to include more pictures, more videos (when we get some), and maybe even some audio. We hope you like the new site and definitely provide us with some comments.


We hope to use this site to keep our friends and family better informed as to what is going on in our lives.

We’ll try to keep these pages well-stocked with photos and videos of recent events.

The pictures to the far left are obviously from our wedding and the one to the near left is our engagement photo.